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Owe IRS Money?  When was the last time you updated your payment plan?

Need Help Organizing Your Life?


  • Are you behind n filing yor tazes becaused you are ot organized?
  • Is your paperwork stacked high in a corner or thrown in a box?
  • Do you find it hard to find the time to get caught up?

MsIrene Tax Tips will show you how simple organizing tools can lower your tax debt, lower your tax liability and generate more money in your bank.

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Starting A Business This Year?


  • Are you planning to start your new business this year but not sure whare to start?
  • You have an idea what to do but need professional advice?
  • Do you have big plans and little time to keep up with your growing business?

MsIrene Tax Tips will share her expertise and case studies to help you stay focus, plan wisely and keep track of your finances.

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